INCEPTION MOVIe explained!
What’s in Chris Nolan’s Subconscious Mind?
The INCEPTION movie, a metaphysical thriller that leaves most people confused, has just gotten an expert explanation for the mysterious plot and "528" code.  By fluke, the film's launch coincided with that of musical transposition website delivering the "kick" needed to manifest more bliss and world peace. 

Produced by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, an award-winning humanitarian, author, and film-maker, the "528 INCEPTION MOVIE TRAILER" is an educational and critical promotion that heralds "The Great Hollywood Ending" missed by analysts and film critics.  Christopher Nolan's plot, part of a global awakening that will change the world forever and for better, according to Dr. Horowitz, juxtaposes love against energy industry espionage and sabotage.

The movie repeats the number "528"--a frequency of energy--numerous times in a mathematical code, a phone number, on a napkin, two vault combinations, and the main room wherein the film's climax is centered. Here, special music is played to help "kick" the operatives out of three "levels" of violent dream states. A "528-491" combination unlocks the safe containing the greatest secret, treasure, motivation, and catharsis for the main characters disheartened by their loss of loved ones.

Fortunately for Dr. Horowitz, his co-investors, and the global audience seeking solutions to complex problems generated by energy industrialists, INCEPTION debuted two days before the launch of the non-profit website, generating a great marketing opportunity for a "528/LOVE" solution.


 now offers 528 albums, records, and the custom software used to transpose your digital library into 528 tracks. The site operates by donations and transposes music made in 440Hz standard tuning to 528Hz associated with more "ecstatic listening." Dr. Horowitz describes 528 as, "that warm fuzzy feeling you have in your heart when you are in love." 

There is a stack of solid evidence to support this concept. 528 Hertz, the third note in the original Solfeggio musical scale, is the heart of everything according to physicists and mathematicians.

This knowledge prompted Horowitz and company  to open a public library developed for global healing, education, psycho-spiritual evolution, and political action for peace and economic recovery.  Artists, or their agents, are offered 60% royalties based on donations, and may elect to donate their share to humanitarian causes. 

Nolan's film depicts the ancient knowledge of 528 in an icon, as well as the "upper" 'Room 528' from which music is cued to extract the characters from damaging states of mind.  Cobb, the lead character (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), spins a top shaped like the heart of the universe.  He practices this ritual to distinguish "reality" from his subconscious illusions. He works his "last job" as an energy industry mind-saboteur driven by love to "get back home." 

"'Home is where the heart is," says Horowitz. "The heart of everything vibrates at 528Hz. So Nolan's film is best understood when you consider this simple truth and reflect on its science. 

The heart of the universe is called a "black hole." This is where physicists say our physical reality miraculously manifests from musical mathematics. This space is shaped like Cobbs top, and is theoretically linked to zero point energy and 528Hz frequency.

Horowitz combined this knowledge of mathematics, physics, and metaphysics with music, the 'Universal Language,' experimenting with the energy of cosmic construction. He refers to God as "the Master Conductor and Master Composer of the Universal Orchestra," and considers Hollywood's "matrix" as sourcing from the "real da Vinci code." He claims the circle da Vinci drew around his Vitruvian image depicts the "Perfect Circle of Sound(TM)" composed of "nine core creative frequencies," including 528Hz at the level of the wo/man's heart.  

The power of 528 to heal, inspire, and sustain everything is all around us. "Just look at a blade of grass," Dr. Horowitz explains.  "It acquired its greenish-yellow color, and transmits that 528 frequency of light, because of the sacred geometry of chlorophyll that is mathematically-musically manifested, most Divinely, celebrating this miraculous sound." 

In fact, 528 is the MIracle note in the original Solfeggio scale, fundamental to the mathematical constants: Pi and Phi. 

Religious leaders secreted this knowledge for more than a thousand years before Horowitz and Joseph Puleo published Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, in 1998. (Tetrahedron Press; 1-888-508-4787).  

Horowitz, a Harvard-trained public health expert and natural healing ambassador, contends Nolan must have drawn on this research when developing INCEPTION's plot, that features music and water to "kick" characters out of their subconscious destructive dream states, called "levels." Likewise, Horowitz prescribes 528 music and water to "baptize" people out of their Divine disconnects.

NASA proved that space if full of water, like nearly 80 percent of people's bodies, and that 528 resonates perfectly with the Sun and Jupiter according to space recordings.  The Book of Genesis infers a "Triune God," composed of the Creator, the Holy Water, and the Holy Spirit, vibrating (metaphorically) with the words, or melody, "Let there be light." 

"Thus, you have a reasonable explanation for baptism as a spiritually invigorating experience that 'kicks' you out of 'levels' of illusion, projected by the egoic mind, prompting reconnection with the Source of hydro-sonic sustenance, otherwise called 'Divine communion,'" explains Horowitz. 

The blessing, he says, is most powerful when you use LOVE (528Hz), as prescribed by Jesus.


YouTube has pulled the “528 Inception Trailer” from their service in violation of the constitutionally guaranteed, Freedom of the Press. It should be known that those complaining include Rupert Mudroch’s Warner Bros., Nassim Harramein’s The Resonance Project Foundation, and Regina Cole’s Conscious Media Network. Letters of inquiry have been sent to each party to determine the reason(s) for their complaint(s). Replies will be posted on this site as they arrive. 

What is most interesting is that Harramein and Cole were both afforded goodwill by Dr. Horowitz, who has promoted Harramein’s work in the Resonance Project extensively. Likewise, the doctor provided Cole  interviews regarding 528 that were posted to solicit subscriptions and donations for Cole’s “Conscious Media Network.”

Dr. Horowitz requests that others download copies of the “528 Inception Trailer,” and post it liberally on Internet websites to secure this right of the free press to make commentaries in the public’s interest.,_PHI_%26_528.html,_Health_%26_Prosperity.html
The Symbols 
Hidden Meanings
The Top
Structure of the heart of the universe--a “black hole.”

Universal solvent, “creative juice,” used for absolution.

The cue to return to reality versus remain in stuck in illusion

Subconscious sub-personalities identified with neurotic patterns of behavior.

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